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Robin Hood, just without the tights

By March 4, 2019Articles
Robin Hood

An ethical business model, supporting charities across the UK

When it comes to IT, charities face the same challenges as any other business. Managers across the country are tasked with improving reliability, staff productivity, and the effectiveness of their overall system.

Charities under pressure

Charities, in particular, are burdened with extended responsibilities, especially around areas such as compliance, accountability and transparency. So, what do these added burdens look like in practice?

The structure of a charity differs slightly from that of a regular SME. Most businesses have a reporting line up to the owners of the business or a CEO; a charity typically has an additional layer on top, as the whole team will report to the trustees. Trustees can be from a wide variety of backgrounds, with different experiences and disciplines.

Trustees will hold the team to account on how funds are utilised, the effectiveness of investments made and how those funds are working towards the charity’s overall goal. Charity teams need to report to trustees on all investments made, including IT support, hardware and software.

The price of pressure

So, you can see how transparency and clear reporting are essential for charity IT support, something our team are exceptionally good at – but what about the cost of services?

Typically, we see higher prices for charity IT support than for most SMEs, mainly due to the extra levels of compliance and reporting that are required. But this poses a serious challenge – after all, the purpose of a charity is to raise as much money as possible to support those in need. And we’re actively challenging the concept that premium support means premium prices.

So, what’s this got to do with Robin Hood?

I’d like to introduce you to our ethical business model. It’s a little like a Robin Hood-style service for the modern day, but rather than stealing from the rich, we invite them to join us in our quest. In a nutshell, with the support of our clients in the legal profession, and other high-value service areas, we can drastically reduce the cost of first-class IT support for charities.

We’ve invested in the training, systems and tools to provide a level of service that delivers exceptional value. Our service is structured for excellence – that means, fast response times, proactive maintenance and unlimited IT support, all for a fixed price. So, everybody wins. Our clients who pay full price for support not only receive tons of value, reliability and peace of mind, they also do so in the knowledge that they are subsidising the same level of service for charities across the country.

More opportunities for charities to save

Charities can also take advantage of free and subsidised services. There are various schemes for different types of software and some hardware that reduce the cost of IT infrastructure significantly.

If a charity partners with a specialist IT provider, like KCS, they can be assured of keeping up to date with the latest opportunities available. I’d encourage all charities to review their current system, and their planned expenditure for the next 12 months, and to talk to one of my team, who can advise them on any opportunities they’re not currently utilising – all without obligation. If you’re a charity and would like to know more about how we can help you, give us a call today on 0845 437 9555.