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What does ISO Certification mean for you?

By December 14, 2019December 16th, 2019Articles
ISO Certified IT Support

When you choose your IT provider, you listen to their promises and put your faith in their ability to deliver. As an industry, IT and telecoms support have very little regulation, so how can you spot a superstar supplier?

As a Director at KCS, I have always strived to achieve the certifications and accreditations that showcase our abilities.   This is a question of keeping the team at the cutting edge and ensuring quality and security runs through everything we do by design.

Choosing a specialist service partner is a major decision and requires confidence that your organisation will get

  1. what you need
  2. what you’ve paid for, and
  3. what you’ve been promised.

Accreditations that shout loudest

ISO 9001 Accredited
ISO 27001 Accredited

I was reminded recently of the importance of accreditations. Speaking to a prospective new client, (who we are now supporting), he asked about our ISO certification. He expressed the instant relief he had felt when he’d seen the ISO logos on our website.

Our discussion up to that point had focussed around our capabilities as Microsoft and Oracle Partners because these software providers are critical to his business. I listened as he explained we had all the technical abilities he required, but he, like so many organisations, had been burned by poor service in the past.

Certification that instils confidence

It was a pivotal point in the conversation when he bought up our ISO Certification. He told me that he had every confidence in our ability to support his systems and provide the level of service we promised. He had gone through the rigorous ISO Certification process in a previous company, so he knew what it meant.

My client knew what it meant because he had seen the process himself, but what about people who haven’t experienced it first-hand? Let me share with you what the standards actually mean.

How we became ISO Certified

We hold both ISO 9001:2015 Certification and 27001:2013 Certification. Seeing an ISO Certification is a powerful seal of approval. It’s visible proof that we comply with an internationally recognised ISO management system.

I must stress, you cannot buy an ISO Certification. It’s the real deal, and it’s hard work. You see, the certification certifies that our management systems, processes, service delivery, security, documentation procedures and quality assurance all meet the standards of the International Organisation for Standardisation.

The process of becoming certified looks like this:

  1. Complete analysis of current systems, gathering evidence of procedures and management practices
  2. Comparison to the current standards, with a full GAP analysis
  3. Adaptation and improvement of existing systems to fulfil the criteria required for certification
  4. Further evidence gathered to support the changes implemented
  5. Assessment by Accredited Certification Body
  6. Ongoing external auditing – every single year and internal audits every quarter.

KCS was only awarded certification after we had proven to an external auditor that we operate to the required standards. And it doesn’t stop there. To maintain our status, we welcome auditors on an ongoing basis to view our records and processes.

More than just words

I understand that IT is critical for the future of your company. Irrespective of whether you employ 3 or 3,000 staff when you have failing IT systems and poor support it can cripple your ability to operate. We are on a mission to help organisations get the best IT service and value for money. If you want to know what that looks like in practice, you can discover more about our service here.

We deliver on our promises, and we can prove it.

Can I show you what this looks like for your organisation? If you would like to work with an IT support company who have proven abilities and service levels, give us a call on 0845 437 9555.