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What is a single point of contact, and does your business need one?

By July 15, 2021Articles
single point of contact

A single point of contact could be the key component to improving efficiencies, reducing employee frustration, and reducing costs. This article will discuss what a single point of contact is and how it can be beneficial for your company.  

How a single point of contact works

Have you ever had one of those moments where nothing seems to be working? Gadget A doesn’t talk to gadget B, the phone system or internet isn’t talking and you can’t get online?  Or you have a new copier installed, the installer leaves, and then you find out you can’t scan to email… 

In this scenario, one team to take responsibility for all your technology is the answer. 

Email, call or raise a case on our portal and a solution is underway. It is that straightforward – your technology issue is our problem to solve, even if it involves other suppliers. 

All of your expert support resides in one place, so you and your team know who to call for help when you need it. 

One place, not one person

We’ve discussed in previous articles the benefits of having a broad team of IT experts on hand to help, and one point of contact shouldn’t be confused with a single person. 

With an expert team on your side, you don’t have to worry about how any system or software works. The team’s collective know-how can guide and support you with anything from hardware installation or Microsoft 365 to data recovery.  

The critical point here is that you only need one contact. No more hunting through old telephone lists, looking for the correct number to call for the phone system support. 

After all, there is nothing less productive than two or three firms passing the buck since they say it is not their responsibility or another part of the system is to blame.  We take responsibility, and it becomes our problem to solve. 

Technology vs IT 

What’s technology, and what’s IT? It’s an important distinction to make. Not so long ago, the IT department was responsible for computers, networking and data storage. Possibly telephony too. 

Computers were simple – huge cream-coloured boxes that took up most of the space on a person’s desk. Somewhere in your office building, there would be servers storing all your data. The IT person could usually be found in amongst the cabling that kept it all connected. 

Now, laptops, tablets and high spec smartphones have replaced traditional computers. Wi-Fi and cloud storage has superseded servers and ethernet cables. The quantity of devices we each use has increased too. Some will be company-owned, some not. 

Tech covers all of this and more. From telephony to smart whiteboards and everything in between. If the technology helps you do your job, then it’s part of the picture, and it must work. 

The alternative to a single point of contact 

You may be a small team with clear needs or a larger business with many different cloud applications that need to talk together. Perhaps each person has a laptop and company-owned mobile phone. You may need just two contact numbers, the mobile company (assuming you have a support contract) and your IT team, for anything to do with the laptop and file storage.  

 A colleague might not have a company mobile but uses their personal device when they’re out of the office. Or maybe they’ve been working from home and borrowing their partner’s computer. One of the most common issues we help with is getting online. When you’re in the office, you call the IT team or office manager, but what about when you’re at home or on the road? The urgent email you’re trying to send is no less important because you’re out of the office. 

Getting your cloud applications to work together securely, and in a GDPR compliant way, or working out which part of your system is the cause of a fault requires a single point of contact. 

How does KCS respond to the needs of most businesses? 

We keep it simple.  If it’s technology – then it becomes our problem to own. That’s it.  

Call our team, and no matter if it’s a phone, laptop, tablet, printer, or any other technology needed to do your job, we’ll help. We won’t quibble if it’s your personal device, we’ll simply help. 

Why not put us to the test? 

KCS has over 40 friendly experts who are here to help you achieve one thing: To help make technology easier so that it doesn’t get in the way of what matters – your business. When you work with us, our team will handle all aspects of your tech-related problems – whether cloud, application, copier, internet, home system or GDPR data exchange. 

Find out more now by calling 0345 437 9555.