Case Study – Charities

KCS were asked to assist a charity with 80 staff in providing a long term IT strategy that guaranteed best value for the charity and allowed the charity to embrace Cloud Computing Technologies in order to meet its growth targets on a tight budget.

The charity previously had been licensed for software and hardware on a commercial pricing structure, which did not allow the organisation to take advantage of the significant charity discounts available.

KCS moved the charity across to the Technology Exchange donation program (formally the CTX) to enable the organisation to gain access to software and hardware at minimal cost.

The KCS Ethical Business Model meant that a number of services were provided without charge to the charity, including offsite backup and an element of the ongoing support.

The organisation had a requirement to gain the maximum life of the existing hardware and therefore a strategy was written by KCS which provided the organisation with the path to moving towards Cloud Computing over five years, whilst strategically maximising the return on the original hardware investment made four years ago. As a result the organisation has a strategy with the minimum of capital spend and, through smart management and proactive support, is able to extend the life of the equipment that was originally supplied.

We would be pleased to give you references to a few of our charity customers so you can hear the difference we have made.


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