Cyber security for businesses of all sizes

Well-planned and maintained systems are just the starting point for a secure IT infrastructure. The truth is, there are weaknesses in all systems, but we’re here to help you minimise your risk and protect your assets.

What you need to protect

Our experience has shown us that businesses of all sizes have significant value stored in their IT systems. Even the smallest business can be crippled if their system is breached. A simple example is a product-ordering system: if that is offline, current sales can’t be processed and new sales can’t be logged. Without a continual flow of payments, the business’s cash flow will be severely hampered.

This is just one simple example, but in every business there is significant value tied up in IT systems, from intellectual property to customer databases and more … and it definitely pays to protect it.

What are the weaknesses?

If you’re working with a reputable IT support company, your systems – from a hardware and software perspective – should be up to date. This ensures you’re using the latest security patches and reducing vulnerabilities. If you’re concerned that your systems are out of date, talk to us about our audit service; we’ve helped many business owners and IT teams achieve peace of mind.

A cyber risk survey commissioned by Financial News, London, in 2017, showed 58% of cyber claims are attributable to employee behaviour, such as negligence, accidental disclosure and lost or stolen devices. You can learn more about this in my article, The biggest threat to your IT security could be in your building, right now.

How to reduce cyber security risk

There are some quick and easy ways to increase your protection with regard to cyber security, including conducting an independent audit of your system and implementing more robust security policies. However, one of the most effective ways to protect your business is with regular cyber security training.

What is cyber security training?

Our team will come to your office and simulate a cyber attack – this is guaranteed to get the attention of every member of your team! Then, we’ll walk your team through a variety of scenarios that could cause a breach of your system, including:

  • What really happens when you click a link in a dubious email
  • Why plugging your own devices into workstations can wreak havoc
  • Why adhering to policies is essential
  • How to recognise sensitive data and what to do to protect it
  • And much more …

Cyber security training isn’t just for the workplace, either. Feedback has shown us that many delegates use their new knowledge at home, too, helping to protect their families and children from threats online.

How we can help, at a glance

  • System security audits
  • Security policy templates and implementation support
  • Cyber security training

If you’re concerned about protecting your systems and data, please get in touch with the team today to discuss how we can help. Call us on 0845 437 9555.

How we can help

  • System security audits
  • Security policy templates and implementation support
  • Cyber security training

Call us on 0845 437 9555.