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KCS are IT strategy experts, we have a team of experienced systems engineers that work on a strategic level, guiding you to make the right IT decisions well in advance – and therefore knowing the costs involved.

We are able to work on a consultancy basis to write a three year IT blueprint for your organisation.  This is a standard part of our IT support contract for all of our customers, ensuring you work to an IT plan and are not “firefighting” problems.

The confidentiality, integrity and availability of your information is key, as well as getting the best return on your kit and software licensing.  As part of our IT strategy we review what others are doing in the same market space, planning to get the most of out of your systems.   Office 365 (a great example) is an often under used suite of applications that is already paid for by subscription by many.  Delivering a plan that considers how IT can go beyond back office to deliver value and adds to your bottom line is an important part of strategy.

In creating your strategy we also consider the legal and regulatory framework that applies to your area, as well as the impact on your IT policies, business continuity planning and disaster recovery strategy.

It is a collaborative approach, as we look to work with you as a strategic partner and not simply act as an outsource contractor.  This involves getting to know how you operate and how you would like to operate.

Please get in touch today to learn more about how an effective IT strategy can improve your service delivery to reduce your costs.