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KCS look after everything that has a plug or network cable attached to it for you, acting as the single point of contact for all of your IT needs.  We provide fast response when you need help.  Our team of experienced and friendly engineers are there to help with everything from the set up of new users, providing expertise when things aren’t working, through to planning for future capacity and reliability.

We are often asked whether we can be the single point of contact for everything technical – and we are.  We take responsibility for your phone provider, copiers, internet, applications and make sure that if something needs attention it is our responsibility to get you a good outcome.

With a team of 42 staff we are big enough to cope – offering round the clock support – but also small enough to care.  Three of our staff are assigned to be your key team, so you get to know each individual and build a relationship of trust.  Essentially, you have our own IT department through us.

We are Microsoft certified, hold ISO 27001 and 9001 certifications, as well as being partners with all of the major vendors, and have the right skills to support your network and Cloud:

  • System monitored 24/7/365
  • Fixed fees, guaranteed response times
  • See all cases raised real-time through our web portal
  • Regular site visits if desired
  • Trusted and qualified people who care – named team
  • IT strategy, not just fire fighting

Please include us in your next IT support review now so that you see value for money.